School of Travel and Tourism

Experience, travel - these are an education in themselves

Maple School of Travel & Tourism is the training unit of Maple Travel group Ltd which is duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission and we are one of the most professional travel training schools in Nigeria. The Maple School of Travel and Tourism is an accredited private training establishment providing training in travel, tourism, business and hospitality management to national and international students. This School offers a broad range of training for the travel and tourism industry.The School’s range of certificate and diploma courses are designed for people who wish to pursue a career in areas including travel agencies, travel marketing, airlines, the tours industry, government tourism agencies, banking, retail management and business..


Maple School of Travel and Tourism offers full time and part-time training in travel and tourism. This School is committed to providing quality training programme in travel and tourism for individual or group of students who are looking to achieve their personal and professional goals.

At Maple School of Travel & Tourism we are dedicated to providing students with an understanding of the nature, functions, structure and procedures of the air transportation industry. Upon completion of your program, you will enjoy the security of knowing you have been trained to high quality standards in the industry by highly skilled instructors.

Our courses and curriculum have been designed according to meet the IATA (International Air Transport Association) syllabus criteria which enables our students to be able to acquire IATA accreditation and other external certifications i.e. Virgin Atlantic Fares & Ticketing levels 1&2 and to become eligible to be a Member of the Guild of Travel Management Companies (GTMC).