Career Prospect

Maple School of Travel and Tourism ensures that we provide our students with the best possible preparation when applying for jobs and ultimately starting a career in the industry.

The demands of employers in the Travel and Tourism Industry are constantly changing at the same time becoming highly competitive.
In our school we don’t just teach you the theory, we offer our students the opportunity to practise in our laboratory on a live simulator machine. Each student will , and can also do their 1 month Industrial attachment with our sister company. Whether its an exciting career as an international flight attendant, managing a hotel or running your own travel agency, a qualification from Maple School of Travel and Tourism is literally your ticket to  the rest of your life.
Travel and Tourism is the world’s largest growth Industry with no signs of slowing down. It is expected that the growth rate will more than double by the year 2020. Thus, the Industry makes it open to a tremendous diversity of employment opportunities. In addition to  securing jobs in Travel Agents, Airlines, Tour operators, Hotel chains , travel professionals our students  can secure jobs at  international organizations, UN bodies like UNICEF, RED CROSS  etc not to mention the multinationals, and educational organizations like EASA, IATA, to mention but a few. The very multidisciplinary nature of Travel Tourism offers job opportunities for all our students.

Industrial Attachment

Maple School of Travel and Tourism has a sister company that is Maple  travels & tours, our students have the option of doing their IT in this Agency and they may be in turn be offered a employment.
Certificate will only be issued to students who have completed their mandatory 4 Weeks Industrial attachment. During the industrial attachment, our students are exposed to the various challenges and dimensions of managing the tours and travel business.


International Affiliation

Maple  School of Travel and Tourism is working on getting affiliated with recognised International bodies i.e. The New Zealand School of Travel and Tourism, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Academy of Travel and Tourism (AOTT) New York.
Upon been successfully accredited with these International bodies our students and graduates will have the opportunity to go for exchange programmes in these Institutions and might even get employed.